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Stainless Steel Containers

Microwavable For Reheating
Defrost any frozen content before microwaving.
Before microwaving remove lid and rest on top of container or remove completely.
Reheat in maximum increments of 1 minute at 1000W. Check contents stir reheat further as needed (in 1 minute increments).

Care Guidelines
Before use handwash in warm soapy water.
To extend the life of the product and finishes hand-washing is recommended.
Take care using metal utensils on ceramic lining as it may scratch.
Always check that the seals are in place and the lid is secured properly to prevent spills during transportation.

For Best Leakproof Seal
Close lid with clips or levers open.
Apply pressure to the centre of lid to expel air.
Lock clips or close levers in place. 

Do not microwave empty stainless steel container.
Always use oven gloves when removing hot container from microwave.
Be cautious of burns while using this product with hot contents.
Check temperature of contents prior to serving or consuming.
Do not overfill.
Keep out of reach of children if contents are hot.
Do not use abrasive cleaners containing bleach chlorine or other abrasives and harsh chemicals.
Do not use in conventional ovens or toaster ovens.
Do not use on hot plates or stove tops.
Do not use in combination microwave ovens unless in microwave only mode.