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Our Story

From our humble beginnings in 1999, we've been hard at work "Smashovating" to develop products that make a difference in peoples every day lives.


Smash for the journey

When most companies start off on their journey it is usually from humble beginnings and we were no different, just some Aussies with literally nothing to lose, trying to make a difference to peoples every day lives. We started by bringing colour and excitement thru innovation and design to lunch boxes, drink bottles, cooler bags, basically anything we thought needed a revolutionary change and we had so much fun doing it.

Being around so many talented and creative people means there is never a shortage of buzz and an anticipation  of “what’s next”! But in the main these were internal ideas and some we had even been sitting on since our own childhoods! So it wasn’t until YOU, our customers started to share what you wanted, what problems you wanted solved, that Smash then not only had the passion for “what’s next” but now had a purpose, we could start to make a difference.

We never take being part of your every day for granted. You cannot but only feel gratitude when people have the trust to reach out with an idea or to simply tell us that they are enjoying our products or even what we should fix! Its always humbling, its what makes us Smash.

Product Innovation

The Product Innovation Team at Smash® HQ creates sustainable products that make everyday life easier. From research and concept development to prototyping and testing, our product team works tirelessly to bring ideas to life.

Customer Focused

Our Smash® Lab Online Research Community helps us create products our customers need and love. From surveys to phone calls, to focus groups and in store catch ups – we are proud to always put our customers opinions first.


As Smash® grows, so does our commitment to sustainability. Smash® creates innovative, reusable product solutions that eliminate the need for single use plastics.

Community Commitment

Smash® is passionate about supporting our local community to eat healthier and live sustainably. Through our Nude Food Day School Program, we have given back over $100,000 to Aussie Schools!